Sunday, April 27, 2014

Adventures of Barcelona!

This city is everything and more! It is so hard to describe the beauty of this city into words! It makes me so happy to be here! 
Today I went to this beautiful park that overlooked Spain and also had mosaic throughout it. Even though the wait to get in was too long we still were able to see some of the mosaic and it was beautiful! 

After that we went to Mt.Tibidabo which is this amazing church that is at the top of a mountain. When you are standing up there at the top your view is more amazing, it is breathtaking. 
Here is a little panoramic view for ya!
There is also an amusement park at the top of it! This place was beautiful and I would love to go there again before I leave. The church was also amazing! It is so pretty on the inside with all the stained glass windows and art. 

You basically walk everywhere or take a bus, train, or metro. It is so nice waking around a city. I never realized how much activity most Americans do not do during the day because of all the cars and technology. 
I am so glad I felt better today! It was such a pretty day and I can't wait to see more of Barcelona in a few weeks! There is still so much to see! 
Excited that Monday starts a short week because on Wednesday I leave for Paris! 

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