Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First day at school!

Today was so amazing! The school I am at is absolutely beautiful! Everyone is so nice and the kiddos are so precious! Here they call you by your first name so hearing them say my name was the cutest thing! It is harder to learn names but I am getting there! They only speak English in my class so I can communicate with them! My classroom is so so neat and the teacher is awesome! I can even see the futbol stadium from my classroom window! 
After school we went to the center of Barcelona because today was like their valentines day! For this holiday the boys buy the girls a rose and the girls buy the boys a book! There were rose and book stands everywhere! It was so crowded in the center though! 
Today was such a fun day and I am so exhausted! I did so much walking and the food was not too bad! I really do not get wifi unless I am at my residence so I can't talk until I get back from school! 

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  1. It all looks amazing! Glad you can eat something also!