Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oh the Adventures

Haven't posted in a couple days! But I am in Paris this week for a long weekend!  We arrived yesterday finally and ended up paying 200 euros for the can ride from the airport to our hotel! We were not prepared for that, for sure taking public transportation on the way back! But we made it and used a map all day to walk around and it was so pretty! It rained off and on but it was so nice still! We went to Notre Dame and it was so beautiful inside! It is amazing to see the architecture of these buildings! Tomorrow we are going to get a bus tour of Paris and I am so excited! 
Being abroad is one of the and probably the best things I have ever decided to do in my life. I never really understood the world outside of the US. In America when asked about traveling we talk about the different states we travel to throughout our own country. Abroad when you talk about traveling they talk about other countries and places around the world they visit. The horizon is so much broader! It is amazing to experience. I do miss America though, being able to just know where I am and exactly what I was doing is nice! 

Notre Dame 

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