Saturday, May 3, 2014

Paris has been a journey!

All I can say is, Paris is very confusing to me and I have never walked so much in my life! Being abroad really gets you in shape because you walk everywhere. 
For the long weekend we had in Paris we got a bus pass for two days where it takes you to all the places in Paris. We have literally seen everything there is to see, including the sites, a rally, and a rollerblade-a-thon (or so we think it was),  and been everywhere there is to be by the metros, the buses, the taxis, a bike cart ride. I can't explain to you the adventures we have had here. We were able to see the Eiffle Tower and walk up to the second floor, 600 stairs later and it was beautiful. It really was a dream come true! 

Paris is such a busy place and the cars here are crazy! They drive everywhere and I think they may not have traffic laws haha 

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